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In This Article We Are Going To Be Looking At The Great Cholesterol Lie Program

If you're like most individuals today you probably think that high cholesterol levels is something that leads to heart disease. You may even be one of the individuals who is on cholesterol medication since you were told you need this to be able to reduce the risks of ever having heart disease. Something you are probably aware of already is the fact that there are loads of medications that are now available on the market for high cholesterol. There's a brand new program on the net right now called "The Great Cholesterol Lie", and it explains to men and women that high cholesterol has nothing to best diet program do with heart disease.

Dr. Dwight Lundell is the individual that actually developed this program, and as a heart surgeon he has actually diet plan done over 5000 heart surgeries on various men and women. This is obviously someone who knows what they're talking about with regards to the heart, and not just some "no-one" who's giving their opinion. Another thing I want to mention is that he honestly believes that out of all the surgeries that he performed, nearly all these men and women could have prevented their issues. He also says that there is actually a cure for heart disease, and I'm certain you understand that if you've ever spoken to any other doctor concerning this they claim there's no cure.

One of the initial things you are going to learn in this program is that cholesterol isn't as evil as individuals think, actually it is vital to your survival. You're also going to discover that nearly all doctors out there today won't tell you that your body will actually create cholesterol if it does not have sufficient from food you consume. So the fact that your body actually creates this to keep your levels up is something which should tell you that this is not as bad as you've been led to believe.

In relation to heart disease you may possibly be surprised to learn that the this one main cause of this is not cholesterol but inflammation. This is something which can be proven as a result of the reality that people suffer from heart disease without ever smoking, drinking or having high cholesterol at all. You are in addition going to discover why all the medications which are designed to decrease your cholesterol can wind up causing other health problems.

For those of you who decide to have a look at his website you are going to find many testimonials from individuals thanking him for actually writing this book. For those of you who believe you are at risk of heart disease or for those who have high cholesterol, I would suggest visiting their web site and reading through all of the different testimonials. Even individuals who are on medication for high cholesterol were able to stop this medication once they got this information.

There are charging just under $50.00 in order to get your hands on this information, and I'm certain you'll agree this is a very reasonable price for what you'll be receiving. You're additionally going to discover that there's a cash back guarantee which is good for sixty days if you opt to invest in this program. The information you're going to find in this program can truly change your life for the better, which is the reason why I recommend every person read this.


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